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Courtenay Connect Limited provides businesses with information and support needed to seize the commercial opportunities arising from public and private sector contracts. The strength of the company is in its flexibility in ensuring that it meets client demands. The Company has a strong multi-disciplinary and fully qualified professional staff and works with all sectors of the business community, maintains positive links with potential buyers and is committed to the growth and development of a robust and sound business community as part of the fabric of society.



We help our clients understand the procurement process. We can:

De-mystify e-procurement;

◦ Explain what the Public Sector are looking for in the supply chain;

◦ Help you write the 5 key policies that buyers expect to see;

◦ Help with your conformance & compliance;

◦ Assist with Pre-compliance advice;

◦ Assist with Tender & Bid writing service.


We understand local and central Government supply chains & procurement policies. We help with:

Pre-audits ISO 9001 & 14001

◦ Understanding e-procurement (from the buyer’s perspective)

◦ Compliance & conformance

◦ Getting the most from your supply chain

◦ Local Government Knowledge

◦ Consultant experience working with 10 Olympic and non-Olympic Boroughs.



Make sure that your policies and procedures are up to date, acceptable to potential buyers and adhere to legislation & best practices.





From our workshops you will gain valuable training to support your staff and add strength to your business.





Give your business an edge by taking advantage of practicial one to one meetings covering all aspects of your business, helping you to secure international and British Business Standard Certifications.




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